Living in Italy

imagesLiving in Italy offers expats a culturally rich life in a country that has a fascinating history. The country is littered with various churches, monuments, museums and famous works of art and is a fascinating place to live and work. They are also well known for their love of food. Italian cuisine is famed in almost every city throughout the world.

Italy is a member of the European Union and uses the Euro as its currency.

It is very easy to live and work here if you are from a country within the EU. However, citizens from extra-EU countries are required to apply for visas and work permits.

Climate is mediterranean : hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Snow falls in the north in winter, and summer in the south can be extremely hot.

Italian is the language but English, a language that is widely spoken in the larger cities .

EuRA Congresso Internazionale di Rilocazione

EuRA Congresso Internazionale di rilocazione si svolge ogni anno in una città europea diversa.

L’evento è diventato un punto di riferimento nel calendario ed è il più grande evento del suo genere in Europa, con oltre 600 delegati.

L’evento è una grande opportunità per i membri EuRA , partecipare a programmi , ascoltare alcuni grandi oratori e godere di alcuni eventi sociali davvero emozionante.